Empty Hand Warrior is a 501 c3 Non-Profit designed to reach “at-risk” youth and their families with relationships of hope that guide them out of negative choices and failures to social, spiritual and academic success

Some of our Gym stories….


Both my parents are drinkers and I remember them fighting badly. My father beat my mother up and took off. I was always trying to take care of my mother and didn’t want her to have to take care of me. I joined a gang and got into a bunch of trouble. After many days spent in the gym I came to find that Cosmo was different than any other guy I had ever met.  He was very smart when it came to martial arts. He is tough and never gives up. He was also very caring. He did many things for me and my family that no other person would. After many years now he has not given up on me. I am now a Muay Thai Coach. I have competed all over the West and I am three time K-1 Champion. I have trained and fought in Thailand. I won my fight there. I remain undefeated. Chava is currently training in Thailand to be a professional fighter and a missionary.



I got involved with gangs. I just wanted to get into trouble. One day I followed my brother to the gym. I trained for six months and won my first fight. I love boxing and am very good at it. I had troubles getting rid of my old friends and my old ways. After being at the gym for four years and Cosmo never giving up on me I have come a long long way. I now have a job. I am studying to get my GED. I am in the best shape of my life and want to give back to the kids that grew up like I did. I am now a coach and mentor at the gym for little kids. I am a new person after being here and believe I can be much more in life than I once thought. I hope to become a park ranger or start my own nutrition supplements business. Juan is currently the lead trainer at Empty Hand Warrior.



I was diagnosed with many emotional disorders when I was very young. I had ADD, ADHD, and explosive disorder. I got in a lot of trouble in school and was kicked out for fighting. I was walking around downtown Nampa about three years ago and saw an asian guy sweeping outside his gym. I had always been curious about martial arts and knew it was something I would like but I knew my family could never afford it. Cosmo much have read my face because he invited me in to talk and to try out. I tried the class and loved it. I told him I couldn’t afford but he told me to come back anyway. He cared about me and my future. He told me if I wanted to start training here he would help me with my attitude and my school work. After a year at the gym I had completely turned my life around. I went to the Job corps at age 16 and finished at the very top of my class. I finished in the top ten percent of the nation when I took my GED. I really never knew how capable I am. Empty Hand Combat had given me confidence and had lit a fire in my life. I never thought I would end up being anything but now I am determined to start my own business.  I would like to help others that are struggling with the same things I struggled with. I am thinking of opening a gym of my own or a mentor program just like this one. I truly believe I would be in jail today if is wasn’t for Cosmo and his gym. Jay currently has a family and a job and trains at the gym.



My name is Jane. I was raised by my mom in and out of homeless shelters.  I met Cosmo when I was a young teenager.  He went to my church and was always asking me to visit the gym.  Sometimes he was the only person I could call when I didn’t feel safe in my home. After a year or so I decided to join the mentor program at his gym and start training kung fu. I trained a few months and knew that this place was going to change my life. With Cosmos help I acquired my first job. In just a year, I was a new person, full of confidence and ready to change the world. I rented my own apartment and I eventually became a mentor for many youth at the gym. Now, despite all the doubts in the world I am attending a prestigious college of arts in Washington. The Empty Hand Warrior program changed my life forever.  I can only hope to pay back Cosmo by paying it forward someday…



I just started going to Empty Hand Combat about a month ago. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to learn how to protect myself. I have had to move out of my house an in with a friend for now. My house is just not safe. Here I am learning self-defense as well as confidence. I hope to learn enough to feel safe when I am alone.


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